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Expertise in Tile Roof Repair

Most roofers have little or no experience with tile and are unable to accurately diagnose tile roofing problems, or properly repair a tile roof.  We are the experts when it comes to tile roof repair - including all types of slate, clay, concrete and light-weight tile roofs.

A tile roof can last the life of the structure. Problems are usually isolated to a few specific areas. Don't give up on your tile roof yet.

Common tile roofing problems we can help you solve:

  • Roof leaking at overflowing valleys
  • Roof leaks around chimney, skylights or vents
  • Replacing cracked or broken roof tiles

The pictures below show a typical valley repair on a tile roof
(click on the pictures to enlarge):

Valley debris build up under roof tiles, causing water to overflow Debris is removed; batten extenders are installed Roof Tiles are replaced 

Do you have a unique tile roof and no spare roof tiles? We can usually locate used or new tile to match your roof. 

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